Deeva the Artist

It's such a wonderful thing when you can learn to express yourself in creative ways. It lights you up from deep within and keeps the fire ablaze. Well, I've finally tapped into that power and I keep growing every time I put pencil to paper or stylus to tablet.


It has been a long time coming! This little voice at the back of my mind has been trying to coax me out of my creative shell, but has not been very successful in the past. I just had brief glimpses of my creative potential, until I learned something that had nothing to do with drawing or art.
I started overcoming my fears, and each time I conquered a fear,
I sought out the next one.

It sounds silly... how can one be afraid of art?
And... why on earth are you telling me this?! You may be asking. The answer is simple. I am not hiding anything. I am not pretending that I'm at the end of my Book when I'm only at the beginning. But even at the beginning of my journey, I am free to create beautiful things and bring joy to others, and that's what I intend to do.

I will be posting soon about my upcoming packages for commissions, which is very exciting!
So stay tuned via Facebook or Instagram to find out more.

In the meantime, if you enjoy what you see feel free to
like, share, and offer constructive feedback.
There are some examples of my art below...


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