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A Charmed Deeva

As I, Deeva, celebrate my 15th year running my own business, there are many things to look back on, with pride and a sense of huge gratitude for road that has led me to where I stand today. DeeVA has evolved beyond the first tentative steps and has grown into more than just a company. It has taken me this long to discover what I knew intrinsically but never had the courage to admit. Yes, I AM Deeva, and DeeVA is me. This is why I have embraced my pseudonym and become who I truly am, as Deeva Willowheart


I embrace all aspects of myself and present them to the world to help in as many ways that I can. All aspects of Deeva are now working in harmony with one another. How can they not? If you deny parts of yourself, then you cannot be whole. As such, I am stepping forward in my true form, and I am here to help. 


Traditionally I have been working as a Graphic Designer, which is still very much in effect, but the Creative side is coming to the fore stronger than ever before. I am also a Storyweaver, an Artist, an Oracle and a Druid. Click on the links to find out what this means, and find out how I may help you.

These changes may mean that DeeVA may not be the perfect fit for everyone, and that's ok, for I believe the best results are acquired when the relationship between DeeVA and the person I work with, is aligned. The best way to see if DeeVA is a good fit for you would be to read the blogs and have a look at the Facebook pages @DeevaGlobal and @ACharmedDeeva. Alternatively, you can book a discovery call, and we can have a chat.

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