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I have been a Graphic Designer locally and globally for 17 years now, developing a unique
style and perspective on the designs that I produce.

Here are some examples of the logos I produce. If the style resonates with you and your vision
for your business, click below to submit your logo enquiry. I look forward to hearing from you.

(The form also has a link for a Discovery chat)

There are some testimonials below...


Candace Robinson

Lalantia Makana - Psychic Realm Channeler & Healer

I am absolutely ASTOUNDED and BLOWN away by what Dee created for me.
I just received the 'Spirit of the Oracle' Signature Art and it captures my essence,
my business essence and so much MORE than I could have ever thought of
on my own. It's the most beautiful design and I want it HUGE and covering my
wall so I can stare at it up close for hours. I'm so in awe. I have so much
gratitude right now cause I never could have dreamed up anything so
perfect on my own! Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

Vine 1.png
Logo Enquiry
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