We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone.



There's nothing worse than seeing someone you care deeply for suffer, and feel like there's nothing to do to help. There are many people out there who need help and one day I will be able to do more. But today, I would like to help my friend.
It's not going to magically erase all worries or even chip a tip off the iceberg,
but I know that every little helps. It's about what sort of energy you want
to create around someone. 

Some people find it very hard to ask for help, and never do. Even though
the smallest amount of relief would help them stand straighter and face
things with more strength than they had a moment ago.

My friend Tracy is one of those people. She, like many others, is going through an incredibly hard time, and I've watched that burden become harder and harder to bear over the past year. I have never seen anyone go through so much and still survive. Tracy's strength is incredible. What she goes through day to day would have broken most people. My feeling of helplessness has been growing.
How can I possibly help from the other side of the world. Then it came to me...

I have created a poster infused with the fighting spirit that I know resides deep within her, to help call it forth again. I would like to gift all funds raised from selling this image to Tracy to help alleviate, even in a small way, the pressure that she has been under. I am not asking for donations. However, I made an option available for anyone who would like to do so.


This image is the precursor for the direction that DeeVA is going.
I want to be able to help raise funds to help the world and animals in any
way I can. For now though. I would like to help a dear friend. This image is
for all fighters out there who are fighting a seemingly impossible battle.

May the energy of this image bring
you strength and hope...



You may use this image in any way you like (except for resale - please contact me if you
have any ideas). It would work great as a Journal cover or poster. The high resolution image is A3 size (UK) - 297mm x 420mm. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

This link goes directly to Tracy's Paypal
Once purchased, you will receive an email within 12 hours with the download link.
(Most within far less, just depends on time in your zone).
If you prefer contact via Facebook, you can PM DeeVA on Facebook with a screenshot of the payment confirmation,
and I will message you the link.

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