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Is your logo needing a makeover?

Are you needing to freshen up your image?


Take your logo from 'Drab' to Fab with the 'Magical Logo Makeover'! You'd be surprised much it will revitalise your business!

Energy is Everything! 

It's always there, always part of us and it's constantly being projected whether we are aware of it or not. It's when you become aware of it that it becomes special!  

A logo that is infused with extra energy can effect people on a subconscious level. Beyond the normal meanings of colours and composition. When it becomes an energetic piece of art then it not only speaks volumes about you and your business, but also has the power to take people's breath away, or... make draw them in, contemplating something that they feel, without knowing where it's coming from. It's not just portraying your business, it's reflecting your very soul...


We go where the energy flows. As a sole trader, it's sometimes hard to bring up the energy yourself. In all my years of trading this has been what I missed most about working with others... As soon as you're with someone else who is in alignment with you, you end up bouncing off the walls with ideas... in my experience anyway. I help guide the brainstorming session so that you get the most value out of it for you. This session is recorded so that the flow isn't hampered by trying to take notes. Imagine sharing your idea with your best friend and both of you start spouting ideas and getting more and more excited.

This is what DeeVA will do for YOU...

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