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My Kind of Wall!

Getting out and about has been the biggest blessing in my life lately. It sounds like a simple thing… but when you have spent decades of your life allowing fears to stop you from something you’ve always been missing, deep down in your soul, overcoming those fears can be the greatest reward of all!

Recently, on my walk in the Woods, I saw this root wall, and it really struck me somehow. I felt like I just wanted to go up and lean against it. Spoiler alert: I did…

It’s the result of a Tree that has fallen, but somehow I find it symbolic of their strength. How much did it take to uproot this? It would have had to be an immense force. The roots were so strong they even took rocks with them! I am learning more and more about Trees as I embrace this new aspect of the path I am on, and I just think trees are just magnificent! In every way. Even the ones that have fallen. They just keep going (as this one has - the other side is full of new shoots and signs of abundant life).

Keep going, give life a chance to bloom x

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