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Storyworld Adventures #2 - The Fool's Folly

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Cards featured: The Fool

The Man in the Moon

The Wild Beast

This one has been brewing for a while! It started with a scene in my head (which is featured as the colouring page), and I built the story around it. No matter how much I tried, I seemed to keep breaking out in rhyme, so it ended up as a poem.

Ps. If you enjoyed this, I'd be grateful if you share it.

Thank you, and enjoy x

Deeva Willowheart

The Fool's Folly

There once lived a Fool who set his sights high

Days after day, he showed his jolly 'ol face as he cycled by

Keeping people laughing was what he was paid to do

But inside he was miserable, and no one knew

As he juggled the balls of all colours and hue

Inevitably dropping one, three or two

His mind was distant, roaming elsewhere

His coins dwindled rapidly, but he didn't care

At night he'd pull off his mask with a sigh

And sit outside with his eyes to the sky

With deep longing he gazed at the moon

Humming to himself a broken little tune

Oh how peaceful it would be up there

Where no one could find him, they wouldn't dare

Down here it's too crowded, far too 'ho hum'

He needed a change, something had to be done!

Little did he know that someone shared his gaze

Awake through the night, but wishing for days

The little Man on the Moon shared his dream

He longed to be amongst people, to be heard and seen

Two souls wished for grass on the other side

One wanted to have fun, the other, to hide

Luckily the world is magical and always finds a way

Never give up on your dreams, for there’ll come a day

That day came for them both, out of the blue

With the aid of a stranger from a land no one knew

Our Fool was minding his own business, rolling along the lane

When he came upon a creature, clearly in pain

He was a Wild Beast with the body of a lion

With the torso of a green man, and great wings for flyin'

His nature appeared to be grumpy and mean

As he wielded two clubs at something unseen

Then the Fool heard a muffled chuckle in a tree

A boy had been teasing the Beast, relentlessly

Staying in the branches where the beast couldn’t reach

Launching annoying pebbles, and an occasional mushy peach

The Beast looked to be at the end of his tether

The boy persisted in hounding him, a monkey, too clever

So the Fool, without thinking, decided to ‘step in’

And for a few moments, there was an awful din

He’d clambered up the tree, dished out a fierce scolding

While the Beast just stared at the odd scene unfolding

The boy scampered down the tree and rushed out of sight

Whatever the Fool had said, gave him a terrible fright

Pleased with himself, sliding out of the branches He approached the Beast carefully, taking no chances

But the Beast’s face was lit, grimace broadening into a smile

'Thank you, dear friend, he’s been pestering me for a while!'

‘Is there anything I can do for you, a wish I could fulfil

As a magical creature, you know, I have many skills!

So ask for your greatest wish, and it will be done

But be warned that there will only be one’

We all know what he asked for, with unabashed glee

'On the moon is the only place that I want to be'

‘As long as you’re sure', the Beast replied with a grin

'Buckle up your breeches, you’re going for a spin’

Without further warning, he grabbed the Fool by his scruff

Though the Beast was kind, he was still a bit rough

Squealing with delight and no small amount of fear

They whooshed into the sky, towards the glowing sphere

In the meantime, unaware of what was coming his way

The Man on the Moon struggled to keep boredom at bay

Suddenly he heard something, eerie and strange

Little did he know his world was about to change

Uttering a shriek and a yelp, eyes wide in shock

He quickly dashed for shelter behind a moon rock

An odd-looking object came speeding towards him

He’d never seen anything quite so grim

With a great whoosh of wings, in a cloud of moon dust

There appeared a strange Beast, panting and flushed

By his side there stood a Fool, pale and white

Clearly not happy with this mode of flight

But as the dust settled, eyes wide and smile beaming

Grey tracks on his cheeks, happy tears streaming

The fool took his first step, on the soil of his new home

Then he remembered, he wasn’t alone

A small figure with a lantern was rushing to meet him

Questions all over his face, but still happy to greet him

'Oh my stars! Have you come to save me?

Can you take me back with you?' Whatever the fee

The Beast shrugged and said, ‘Well, I’m going that way

It’s the only chance you’ll have if you don’t want to stay’

Then the Fool rushed forward and gave the Beast a big hug

And the uncomfortable beast gave the Moon Man a tug

He loved each minute as they drifted to the ground

His feet finally on earth, safe and sound

Looking back up towards the moon he could see

The Fool dancing about, happy and free

And so it was that Fool's folly became gold

Be mindful what you wish for, but be bold

The legend still gets told today

Make your wish, and you’ll find a way

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