The Genesis of Charmed Deeva

As most of you know, Deeva is not just a designer. There are many aspects to me, and many areas of interest which I can share my skill. This is why I’m ‘A Charmed Deeva’.

Rather than trying to confine who I am by labelling what I do, I have decided to change the labelling system. A way for me to allow all aspects to be included, rather than sacrificing pieces of myself to fit into some sort of box. On this journey of seeking my truth, I come across a lot of things that interest me... which to be honest, isn't hard. I am easily dazzled. But some things wane quicker than others. Though never completely. I have far too many interests, so it's difficult to pick one to focus on. I mean, how can one discard something that brings Magick into your life? Whether briefly, or periodically, it's doesn't deserve to be shelved. So this is why I see myself as 'A Charmed Deeva'. I love all things magical. and instead of forcing myself to choose between things, I am now collecting Charms so to speak. There will always be my favourites, and there will always be the ones that have a special place in my heart. Some, will hide away in the shadows until one day I look at it afresh, and the Magick comes rushing back in to my life. This is the rhythm of life, and I embrace it. You never know which charm may move to the top of the pile.

So, from now on Deeva is throwing away anything resembling a box. The time is to find out out what is out there for me, how far I can go, and most importantly… Who I truly am.

My wish is that everyone finds their journey to self in the best possible, for that is the most rewarding journey of them all.

Charmed Blessings Deeva x


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