VA vs VA

DeeVA was VA before VA got so Cool!

Without even knowing it, 13 years ago I used an abbreviation that was destined to become something really cool! So I just want to clarify what my VA stands for.

First of all... a shoutout to VA's all over the world. The world has become such a big place, in that we can reach billions of people all over the world if we wanted to. Virtual Assistants are so incredible when you're growing a global business, and I will be needing one very soon myself. So just to be clear, this isn't 'against' VA's. It's just to clarify that I'm not one of them. I'm a different breed entirely.

DeeVA was created in 2005, and even though I wish I could say that I came up with the name in a blinding flash of inspiration... I didn't. After scouring dictionaries and thesauruses for two days, I 'phoned a friend' and as they do, within a minute, literally, he had the answer for me. At the time I considered myself to be a graphic designer, not an artist. I was too hung up on my perception of what an artist does, ie. ACTUALLY putting paint to paper. However, I loved the name so much, I went with it. Looking back now, I'm wondering if he knew something that I didn't, and had some sense of where I was going to be more than a decade later!

DeeVA has since completely evolved, and is now rapidly moving toward viewing every logo that I do as a piece of art! And also, I will be launching a Gallery very soon as well!

The only thing is, I didn't make the connection between the VA in my name, possibly being misleading, since I know in my head what it stands for. I've also never really focused on the words 'Visual Artist'. Now finally, I am embracing those two words that will change everything for DeeVA. I am unleashing the Artist in me... and I know that things will never be the same again!! Watch this space!


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