The Evolution of DeeVA (Part 1)

2018 has been the year of change for DeeVA.

The process began in 2017, but only really gathered momentum in March this year (more about that later). Beginning of the year DeeVA had already introduced the spiritual essence of Deeva into the mainstream, but little did I know the avalanche that was set in motion by doing that. I opened myself up to the possibilities of things far greater than myself, and all of a sudden my world got a whole lot bigger. Not just literally. I started exploring the recesses of my soul, taking off dust sheets to rediscover lost treasures that were covered up, hiding in plain sight. I discovered I had a gift. A gift of energy. Looking back I guess I always knew there was something. But how can one recognise something that you don't know unless someone introduces you? That someone wasn't a single person, but a few… All tied together in a chain of events that seems insignificant at the time. Writing this I'm starting to wonder - how can I ever put this all into words? We'll never mind that, I'll try my best... I digress, as usual.

Ah yes, energy.

DeeVA has always had a knack for creating special logos. Logos that are different to the mainstream. Traces of this has always been there like an untapped vein of gold. Occasionally I would unconsciously come across some of it, but generally I remained oblivious. It would only shine through when I was truly aligned with what I was doing, like a business or product that I related to in some way. Anything remotely aligned with my interests and DeeVA would be on fire!!! Sadly, I didn't really pick up on that because I was too busy trying to fit in a normal designer shaped box, and beating myself up over it because inherently I knew I was missing something and it was bleeding me dry. Till the point I had almost nothing left to give. Then, luckily, I was introduced to the concept of alignment. I always considered myself spiritual, but really… I had no idea! Alignment?! What's that? Once I had some sort of idea, I began to experiment, trying to find a way to align DeeVA with who I truly am rather than constantly trying to chisel myself into a shape that I didn't want to be. It nearly ruined me, and I came very close to giving up. Thank goodness I didn't. Once I started adding the spiritual aspect to my business, I felt rejuvenated, and excited again for the first time in 12 years! I was excited about the future, but this didn't mean it would be easy. First of all, I had to start figuring out who I am, since I'd been trying to be someone else so long, it was to be far harder than I thought. Remember that chisel I mentioned? Well now it was put to a different task - scraping away the layers of ‘supposed to be’s’ to reveal the ‘I am’s’ hidden beneath…

Paula Roberts - Complimentary Health Practitioner

My progress? I'm still chipping away. Trust me, you'll know when it's all gone. But where was I? Oh, energy…

My first introduction to ‘energy’ was in a group that I joined (Transformational Business)*, where an amazing lady called Carrie*, a Psychic Business and Success Strategist, would give you the energy of the week. She does more than that, but I'm sticking with the energy for now... Well all know how I can get off track! She did these at the beginning of the week so that you know what energies are about for the week ahead and how to navigate them. For instance, if there's a retrograde (I hear your collective groan) or an eclipse, or any other unseen forces that influence our planet and us. This took a while to sink in for me, but it's so accurate it's crazy! And awareness of what's coming is most definitely better than patching yourself up afterwards. This is more or less where that slow-rolling avalanche began after a life-changing spiritual retreat in London that I attended in March (that, and what happened after - is a story for another time).

So, I started learning more about energy, and that everything has an energy signature, or more accurately IS energy. And you can tune into it and make your decisions based on the energy that's around you, the energy of people you potentially want to work with, or not and sensing people's needs, even on a base level. Tapping into your ‘inner wisdom’ (layman’s terms for Guides, Spirit, Higher Self, Higher Consciousness etc.) to try and make the best decision possible, or work out what the bigger picture is, and what lessons can be learned, what action to take, or when to step back. I could go on, but I think you know what I mean. Note: I imagine my definition is still very basic, and these views are my own, but they have still served me well! I'm a firm believer that one needs to experience things for oneself, and learn your own truth. So for now this is my understanding, whether right, incomplete or wrong... I trust the path will open up before me as I need it.

This instinct, guidance system or inner voice, is something we all have, and are all more familiar with than one thinks. As was in my case. When Deeva gets excited and ‘high vibe’ about something then you may as well picture me as plugged in, and watch me download ideas and inspiration. I had no idea that it's called channeling. And no, it's not something I can do consciously yet, but I know the difference when I'm tuned in and tapped on. This is why I love brainstorming so much! Another example how I integrated this with my business. One of my new aligned products is the ‘Dream with DeeVA’ Business Brainstorming Session. We always get amazing results and clarity at the end of these sessions. I love helping people where I can, and trying to unraveling something for people gives me great joy. I am always up for a good untangling. But this wasn't to be my main integration.

It was my logos… My logos had always been my strength, but now they are supercharged. I tune in even more and without being able to say how, I tap into the persons essence and infuse it into the logo. I've even had the pleasure of doing a logo (pictured above) which was an absolute pleasure working on. The response I got was that I had, unbeknownst to me, and outwith my conscious control, actually given it the power of healing. A friend of mine actually had a powerful energetic reaction to it within seconds of seeing it. It was amazing to watch, along with the realisation sinking in that there's more to my logos than I originally thought. They've always been quite impactful, but now I know why. I decided it was only fitting to call it the Seeker of Soul’ Energy infused Logo. We all want to convey a powerful message with that one image that represents us in every way.

There have been more logos since that one and each one has been more powerful than the next (I will feature them in other blog posts).

One of my favourites - because it smashed all boundaries of anything I'd done before - was this one (above). I was so excited when Lalantia asked me to create her logo. Remember when I said you can tell when DeeVA is having fun? Well, this was to the max, and the result mirrored that! And the best thing is that Lalantia is also an incredible psychic who works with elemental beings in different realms - so you can imagine how I felt when she commented on the energy of the logo, and that I had even managed to implant her FUTURE energy into it. And mine too, it would seem - a glimpse of what I'll be doing for others soon?

This was the first stage of evolution into DeeVA 2.0. But I'm not done yet…

Stay tuned for part 2...

If you would like to follow the people I have mentioned in this blog their links are at the bottom of this article. I recommend them all wholeheartedly and with love x

Until next time

Deeva x

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